Fallout 4 Pip-Boy Edition by Bethesda Softworks

oh wait… it’s vaporware. *sigh* – well, hopeful just the same. I don’t need to get it. I’m just happy enough to know it exists when it does. I’m still waiting for Planets3 – “preordered” a few years back. We’ll see. tongue emoticon Preorder = funding for them to make it in the 1st place.
a) generate excitement
b) get funding
c) try to make the thing they promised real.
d) when it doesn’t meet expectations, explain this is Alpha release and promise to keep old promises in future versions.
e) Come out with sequel of game that’s incompatible with device
f) Remove support for device they never could perfect.

I’m hoping it doesn’t go that route ’cause the pipboy looks really cool. Fingers crossed.

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