faking sincerity can’t be easy. We all have to do it a little but politicians? They *really* have to.

I also appreciate One Direction – if for no other reason for being a commercial success [yes, manufactured, sold, constructed, stamped, processed, complete with expiration date] – It’s a machine I couldn’t be a cog in.

It’s like politicians: I’ve been working for DECADES (yeah, since I was like 8 years old and got my first realization about politics: They were just as bad as TV commercials, which I had *JUST* realized were full of crap (I later learned the word was “hyperbole”) – I believe it might have been disappointment at a SUNDAY, SUNDAY, SUNDAY type Ad for the Circus which turned out to be NOTHING like they promised…

and it was the 1980 presidential election…. and I wanted the #3 guy to win because.. he was… INDEPENDENT – loved that word. Didn’t care what he stood for ’cause.. I was 8. I did some research two nights ago to see what he stood for because I didn’t know and… I *still* don’t care what he stood for… or any politician for that matter.

Anyway, took me decades to finally appreciate the very thing they are really good at is *exactly* the thing I couldn’t do:

Be a Mouthpiece for “this is what I *have* to say” and fake authenticity.

Now? I understand and I respect it for what it is. Still working on full acceptance though. By comparison to politicians, One Direction is just pathetic yet raking in the bucks successfully…and for being a successful part of the Music Industry Machine… I give them props/kudos/etc.

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