Facing the hollow monster within can drive a person to madness and another to contemplation.

The feeling of nothingness is normal.

The answer is the answer billions of people have always done:
Distract yourself from it.

What else is the purpose of work? School? TV? Movies? Socializing? Its a distraction from ourselves. Facing the hollow monster within can drive a person to madness and another to contemplation.

I don’t think there is anything magical about the nothingness. It is an emotion like any other emotion. But were a scan to be made of the brain of what it sees as the map of the body at the moment that one feels empty, I wouldn’t be surprise if the brain scan shows an outline within an outline – a shell with an emptiness within.

It’s an emotional state, curable by distraction. Even what you are doing now is part of the cure. This is socializing. Talking about it with others. Seeing if it is a relatable point. You’re already on the path to a cure.

How do I handle my nothingness?

I analogize it to a current of water running underneath the current of my consciousness. It’s always there – this melancholy. It’s a part of existence. I embrace it and draw from it as a deep well of creativity. At the same time, I move from project to project, thing to thing, jumping from rock to rock, interest to interest, or I go swimming in a river flowing overhead for a time when I don’t want to face the river below.

I don’t like going in that water though. It’s there. I draw from it now and again and I’m continually drinking from it. But I don’t like it to envelop me. It won’t kill me – the nothingness *is* a part of me as much as I’m a part of the Universe and humanity and life itself – but I might lose my sense of direction.

There’s no north/south/east/west/up/down in those depths. No navigational cues, so we could be travelling towards marvelous things and not even be able to see it. But I believe something marvelous is always coming, no matter what point you are at in life.

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