Facebook mood data collection, social engineering. Research. Legitimizing their advertising science by publishing scientific papers.

Mood data is notoriously tricky to collect from people.
In Facebook’s scientific efforts, the new buttons will greatly assist in their research of people in what they like, are surprised by, love, are angry about and laugh about.

I don’t mind assisting their research. The buttons are good.

I dunno but I think FB has been trying to legitimize its advertising-science by conducting studies and publishing scientific papers. So, this is a part of. Everything they do is part of some ongoing study. It’s their site, so I suppose why-not.

Here’s an example of FB’s efficiency: Just after I posted that comment, THIS ad showed up next to it. They’re getting closer.



Notice the subtle social engineering: “120,722 people like this”.

Does that means 120,722 liked THIS BOOK? Hardly.

It means they liked Amazon.

But… it implies…


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