Facebook and smartphones made everybody nerds like me yay

I’m grateful for Facebook and smartphones for bringing the Internet to the general population. It’s now mostly seen as a friendly place by the news but it wasn’t always.
At one time, the Internet was a place where nerds and weirdos spent hours glued to monitors in their mother’s basements and in seedy apartments living alone across from a playground hacking into your bank accounts to steal your money to buy drugs to distribute to your children so they become sex slaves being sold to American businessmen on sex cruise ships bound for Korea to be initiated into devil-worshiping cults that will return to become politicians and CEOs of big pharmaceutical companies making infanticides to put into baby bottles being distributed by fraudulent charities and sent to Africa where the remaining children will be brought back on Ebola infected airplanes and sneak into your gated communities to steal your TV, which you don’t want to happen because you need it to watch the news.

Things are better now. I still look at news with a skeptical eye though as the targets simply keep changing.

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