face – whether on the TV, …”

Ammon – exactly – they start off with the same premise: The Quest for Truth. But religion ‘tends’ to be social – something science often lacks – scientists are social with each other, host lectures and such – but its often inaccessable to ‘joe six-pack’ whereas religion IS available in every town in multiple forms. It doesn’t just have to be Physics and Chemistry either – there can also be the “…softer sciences” psychology for example, although I think everything would have to be based upon a firm basis of physics or biology – for example, “Why do I feel so sad when I wake up at 4am?” one might ask – and the answer might be something like, “Your happy brain chemicals (naming them) are at their lowest points at around 4am and 4pm each day – it is part of your natural body cycles. Latest research shows that seeing a face – whether on the TV, … “

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