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it was a weird situation – but i’m guess he’s blown a lot of money on failed ideas and she’s protective of his money ’cause his money is probably, well, her money. the more he spends, the less she gets. Or maybe it’s her money – I never knew the whole story. But the point in the end is that bartering information or selling it for cash is a very excellent business model. Franchising is probably… the ultimate proven way of doing this — in that cae, it’s an ongoing relationship (usually) where you spend, say, $10,000 to start a Subway and so much per month but in exchange you get their business model, they do most of the advertising, provide the supplies, etc – and everybody makes money. universities are kinda like that too – paying for knowledge. books are a cheap way of paying for knowledge – the cheapest way is, of course, either the Inter… “

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