extremely literal language translation – audio cues idea

Here I go again... :-)

Has there ever been an attempt to design
a language acquisition course in this way:

On Audio tapes
Target Language is recorded naturally,
in a clear voice, perhaps telling a story.

But also, simultaneously, a little more quietly,
and a different speaker, speaking the direct,
literal translation word-for-word, insomuch as
it is possible for the target language to be
translated word-for-word - at the same time?

Here is my idea again and I'm curious if it's
been done and discredited, etc.

Audio track of quieter literal translation in 1st language
Audio track of louder target language material

I'm also thinking of having it go even furthur,
with different audio tones, or notes, or some
kind of audio cue to correspond with the different
cases, declinations, and gender.

So, for example, if the word being
said at that moment is:


at the same time, overtop of it, the
listener would hear:


and would hear a tone
indicating plural
and also hear a tone of a
different pitch (or even instrument) at
the same time indicating feminine.

So, there'd be four tracks
necessary in the initial recording:

1 Target Language
2 Native Language
3 Declination/Case Sound
4 Gender Sound

The idea being that one would listen
to these tapes over and over and over again,
and, hopefully, getting used to the
target language's word orders by also
hearing their native language in that
word order.

Is this possible?  Absurd?  Has it
been done?  Am I rehashing an
old idea that is abandoned?


-Kenneth Udut


I THINK there was a computer thing called "Transparent Language" that was a
print version of this?

A major research project could be to do your idea with the addition of a
time delay from one to the other.  If the idea is original, I smell a PhD in
your future!!

Jim Droege
Highline HS
Burien, WA

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