Explaining Time and my respect of Time by Kenneth Udut 2/2/16

Explaining Time and my respect of Time by Kenneth Udut 2/2/16

Time can be confusing to people.  I think it’s why even theoretical physicists tend to just let it be generally or take it out of the equations.

There’s several views of time that are common, and likely others that are less common.

Season/cycle time seems to be how life seems to operate. Life is on Earth, and the Earth/moon/sun work on cycles, and does all life on the planet.

We all seem to have clocks of some sort built in, from the high to the lowest life forms.

It makes sense: The major continuous forces on us, those provided by the planet and her systems, the moon and her systems, and the sun in her systems* affect the live that grew within these systems and aspects of the larger systems affects the smaller systems, of which we participate.

Linear time, however: straight line cause–> effect has its own appeal and it’s easier to work with when explaining uniqueness, speaking of things that don’t seem to follow time cycles.

Yet, for us to speak of linear time, we utilize the systems of cyclical time that are a very part of us: the “tick/tick” generated by the natural cycles is used to create the linear arrow of time.

This leads to the block view of time. Einstein’s relativity. “Everything is a movie with multiple cameras, actors and cameramen” analogy has been working very well for us for some time, at least in the general sense, although once you slice the frames down, it’s hard to get past the single frame at the quantum level.

There are other views of time. These are just two.

Then you have the human experience of time. Grammar. How do we have all of these ways to describe time? Look at the conditionals alone. So many could, what if, might have, SHOULD have (which adds a moral aspect)….

…it gets mind-boggling at the relativity of it all… the mixture of fact, fiction, plausible to the impossible, yet all can be described with precision in the world’s languages to varying degrees.

The way music utilizes time is amazing. It’s not just time signatures and gaps between notes itself, but also the way that themes in a song itself can echo themes within itself, doing things we can’t conceive of in day-to-day life time: such as inverting a sequence of notes; variations on a theme, leading to backwards time, sideways time, diagonal time…. the flexibility is astounding.

So, yeah. I love Time. A favorite subject of mine. I never get tired of flipping it around in my brain, making sense of it as best I can.

* I used ‘she’ ’cause it flows better. A bit old-school but it conveys the respect I have for being a part of these amazing systems without even having to be asked as it were.

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