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Indeed, I’m a huge fan of tolerance.  I’m even tolerant of intolerance, if that’s their way; so long as there are protections in place against abuses.  Intolerance (and even excessive tolerance) is where it’s good to have police, some kind of judicial system, laws, social norms and such.  But it’s a wobbly area and the unbelievably large amount of personality differences a society must answer to is simply staggering to me.

I’m both a fan of the expansion of norms (what’s considered normal is always a changing thing) while also a fan of having the freedom to speak out against the expansion of norms and the desire for a different set of norms.

Oh and for saving of ideas?  I embarked on a bit of a strange project; I started putting all of my online writings (when I can remember to that is!) on http://icopiedyou.com
just so I won’t lose them.  I have a long long way to go.  It’s hosted on a server that I back up and I really don’t expect anything much to come of it.  But I figure that, if I wrote it publicly, it’s public.. and I want to have some control to make sure it doesn’t go away.  Some of my earliest posts on G+ are now irretrievable.  I remember writing them yet I can’t find them.  Even absent from Google Takeout.  They got lost somewhere along the way, so that’s what prompted it.

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