Executing a bro hug, Pauli Exclusion and musings on Internet contact with strangers and its assistance to avoid the existential void.

For proper decorum, although I allow these rules to be broken on necessary occasion.938896151091346759



Groin-contact does not offend me: many exuberant nieces, nephews and friends through the years broke me of that. But I never trusted the Pauli Exclusion Principal: They don’t know _exactly_ why it works, and what if too deep of a hug breaks the principle separating electrons from occupying the same spin state and we end up merging into one person… and then suddenly, the Pauli Exclusion Principal reasserts itself?

Well then, we’d be one being, looking outside of the back of each other’s heads and it would look like our feet were all toes on both sides.

So, on the side of caution that Pauli got this one wrong, I follow the ascribed method above yet I am as exuberant as a schoolgirl hugging her crush, keeping said principals in mind.

anyway, #stayawesome and keep doing whatever it is that works for ya. Internet socializing is just about the best fit for my personality and I love it. I love the agreements, the disagreements, the arguments, the humor, the offense, all of it. Doesn’t matter if were politically opposite: the fact that we’re each here, taking the time here instead of sleeping shows that SOMETHING inside of us is reaching out through the wires and airwaves and wants to make a connection with another human being in some way. Keeps the existential monster at bay that lurks within that attempts to draw us into its seemingly bottomless void. No need to feed that beast too often – too many more interesting things to do here tongue emoticon


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