Except that most of them are thankfully lazy and stay home on their computers.

if some innocent people got caught in the middle, I feel bad for them.

If somebody is helping to continue to build a movement to encourage children and teenagers through YouTube videos and Memes and Internet culture that it’s good for white boys to hate girls and black people and Jewish people and encourage violence and death to them and they should join their cause because us white men have it rough while “they” all have it so easy, and that this online movement has been growing strongly since 2009, unstopped by anybody and growing to the millions of online supporters who cheer the few that bare their faces, THOSE people are not innocent.

I don’t advocate violence against them. All citizens should have a reasonable expectation of safety.

But what you are seeing is the result of eight years of nothing being done, and movement that could be powerful enough to cause massive harm to large amounts of people – Except that most of them are thankfully lazy and stay home on their computers.

That said, at least in the USA, municipalities are growing intelligent finally. The neo-Nazis who want to rally in public should have a similar experience to what they had in Boston. They spoke, and left. 40,000 counter protesters and 27 anti-police. Nobody died and nobody got hurt.


lol there’s “kek” and the supporter’s like. You kids used to travel in 3s but it’s down to 2s now.


but 4chan and its ways stopped being relevant a while back, although they *did* find a hit with Crash Bandicoot “woah” memes. I’ll give 4chan credit where its due.


Many people keep liking the things they liked when they were adolescents. You can see it in 20-something people when they think they’re relevant and stylish but everybody else can see that they just didn’t outgrow their adolescent ways and styles yet, rather like people still fighting high school battles when they’re 27 and long out of school.


If “your people” doesn’t represent the entirety of your people and merely a subset, then the traitor label doesn’t belong on them.


It’s usually the realm of old men about to die. But we’re due for a conservative swing in any case, but the pipe dreams of hard-lined maps with society segregated from without into groups by an authoritarian leader is pipe dreams.

You might find self-organizing groups of same people. I could see that happening. But the authoritarian from above way isn’t likely.


We’re in “daddy” mode politically. It’s normal. It was mommy before (Obama), daddy before that (bush), mommy before that (Clinton), etc.

daddy mommy daddy mommy. who will take care of u and how?


I know. That’s why the cute little shields and SCA LARPing in the streets.

But it’s not serious. Once somebody died, that whole shield wielding “let’s make video games real!” thing died with it.


If that asshole didn’t run into protesters like a scene out of Barcalona a few days later and kill someone, maybe your viva-la-revolucon might have had a chance.

But once someone died at a free speech rally (that wasn’t involving police), that was it. Pivot turn in society. The best you can hope for at this point is police state.


“My people”? Nah. Did you hear how the Boston police commissioner described the rally? That’ll be the standard way law enforcement sees things.

“the free speech people”
“The counter protesters”
“The anti-police”.

Right, left, and anti-police. That’s how they’re seeing it and that’s how it’ll play out.


Identity politics is dying. I saw the growth of the white identity stuff starting in the early 90s, right around the time multiculturalism was ‘the thing’ and _before_ the radicalization of the right and left began to polarize in the late 1990s.

By the early 00s, the white identity politics started showing up in liberal campuses, using the tricks of the left to go “haha, what about white identity? didn’t think about that did you?”

Now we’re in 2017. It’s all common everyday parlance now.


It’s like fidget spinners and dabbing. Once everybody knows it, it’s lost its power and will fade away like fads do.


close. Couldn’t finish college because it was too expensive , a precursor to today’s common problem with education being too $$.

I went to Hampshire College, the most liberal of liberal back in 90/91. We had genderless bathrooms, safe spaces, all that stuff, way back when and white males were complaining THEN the same complaints I hear 27 years later commonly online.

So none of this is new to me personally, it just grew in volume on both sides. I’ve been watching.


“you guys”. Here’s the problem. You lose support by continuing to split off from your own kind into ghettoed ‘thought zones”.

You know where you’re having some success? The Centrists. They don’t see your full end-game and consider this all “just free speech”. Get more of those people on your side.


Conventional conservatism has been a wasteland since the 80s. They lost their way long long long ago. Liberalism lost their way in the late 60s.


Shaking tired ancient shakey science papers from way back about ‘race realism’ isn’t accomplishing squat. Rushing things also isn’t doing a damn thing for you guys except getting the public against you.

You’re expecting some kind of revolution in your lifetime. But some causes take several lifetimes to complete.


Look at eugenics and abortion clinics. That’s an ancient cause from the 1920s that took 50 years before some kind of public acceptance in the 70s with the passing of Roe v Wade, and even THEN it’s fought still.

The Christian Right was right about them all along and yes, it *is* a campaign to lessen the amount of people in poverty by encouraging less of them to be born.

But the people running it see it as choice and honestly, I’m fine with either way. More population, less population I don’t care. Humanity’s a strangely tough thing. we’re on the road to 11 billion in 150 years and I have no doubt the planet can support that many with no problem. We’ll have to get more clever.

Africa will continue to grow technologically and economically and they’ll have their boom time while North America and Europe remain stagnant, content with past glories, neither growing nor shrinking.

China’s peaked out but others will catch up eventually.


If you want to keep white, be like the Duggers. Pop out more offspring. Little 1350s era shield battles just puts everybody in jail and society ends up moving away from it.



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