Excel guy meets his first useful drawing program. [ LibreCAD ]

My name is Kenneth Udut. I’ve been an Excel pro for many years.  I also can’t draw.

I had a job years ago using Autocad for architectual drawings (I didn’t know what I was doing and it was very confusing to me – it was the early 90s I think) and never looked at CAD since.

But this is drawing that is compatible with my Excel senses: An unlimited piece of paper that gives you exactly what you put into it.  If you want more precise, you zoom in.  Nice snap to grid.  Measuring things by different methods.

I’ve managed to crash it a couple of times because I like to abuse software to see how it handles it but I was able to even get some Point Cloud data in there to render surprisingly quickly and nicely, even though that’s not its intention.

All in all, I’m a fan – and learned it within an hour or so.  It’s the precision that I like and it’s powerful while also being easy to use and logical.

Tripping over the command line is a bonus: I can see it would be easy to semi automate certain things – and the relative coordinates will be quite helpful there.

I’m new to the world of CAD but this is exactly what I needed.  Now there’s a smidgen of a chance I’ll be able to get some of those things out of my head and accurately on virtual paper…

Keep up the great work!

-Ken, Naples, FL

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