Exactly. Diplomacy is what fixes things, regardless of a people’s politics, religions, economics, whatever.

Religion doesn’t do anything. Neither does Science. Neither does Politics. Neither does Economics. Neither does Sociology. Neither does Psychology.

People do.

Diplomacy is what fixes things, regardless of a people’s politics, religions, economics, whatever.

Motivation is a complicated issue Michael.

It’s not just “belief”. Too simplistic. People are far more like you and me everywhere you go. There’s many concerns beyond belief in systems.

I’m not trying anything. I’m just stating the hard facts of things. Throughout history, diplomacy between nations and uneasy peaces are the solution. Period.

Do you believe that everything magically gets better once you remove people of their beliefs? Beliefs are part of our cognitive structure. There’s no removing them from the human species.

Get your head out of the clouds already.

You’re a dreamer. I live on this planet.

It’s diplomacy. A willingness to get along with neighbors. Humanistic values. “What do we all have in common”.

Cutting things away isn’t required but finding a common basis. That’s what makes livable societies.


Notice: We both want a “better tomorrow”.
In mine, I don’t care what people believe as long as they’re civil, decent, get along and are reasonable.

I’m not sure what you would ultimately ask of the world but it seems a bit invasive to me.


The question doesn’t make sense. You’re using mathematics as a metaphor.

Ok. My limits to tolerance? That’s where diplomacy comes in.

I don’t have the absolute rule book that all must follow.

I have some guidelines. Get arguing parties together at a table. Discuss. Make compromises until there’s “close enough”.

Look at Pi. It’s always wrong. 3.14. Always wrong.

Shall we spent eternity trying to get to the final decimal place? We can, sure.

But instead, we work with the last digit that’s required to get stuff done and move on with things.

What’s acceptable diplomatically today might not be acceptable diplomatically 100 years from now.

But it’s the only way that seems to work.


A “once and for all” attitude leads to war.
It’s dangerous thinking.


This is why I’m asking you to get your head out of the clouds. “If we just remove x, y, and, z, everything will be fine” is head-in-the-clouds.


But, I could be wrong. So I’ll listen,  Like I said, I don’t have all of the answers. So I’m always listening and giving things my best shot.


They’re humans first, . All humans are capable of reasonable, civil discussion and behavior. All humans are capable of creating change, regardless of whether they go to a church or mosque or sit in front of the computer or whatever.

Nobody is less than human if they’re human.


I believe 1/4 of what I hear on the news. Spin. Hyperbole. Exaggeration. BS.

I have to see humans first. To do otherwise, leads into segregationary thinking.


Oh I’m not offended. I don’t understand why people play those games either.

But this is why I’m here, saying what I’m saying.

I *can’t* stand up at a podium and say, “HEY EVERYBODY ON EARTH, DO THIS!”

But I can say something here. Change begins with the individual, not with groups.



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