ew minutes sooner. it’s done.

HOW TO COOK PASTA KENNY’S LAZY NO-STICK WAY: bring water to a ROLLING boil (not just bubbling but VIGOROUS) (doesn’t matter how much water – as long as you can cover half-sticks of spahetti that are diagnal in the pot, it’s enough). Throwing a little salt in the water makes it boil a little sooner (I think). NOW: THE MAGIC: Add the pasta. turn the heat down to medium. Stir the pasta a few times – make sure all the pasta more or less is covered by water. THEN: turn the stove OFF. Cover the pot with a TOWEL. Put the LID on the towel. Set the timer on your stove to TWICE AS MUCH AS IT SAYS ON THE PACKAGE. Walk away. come back when timer beeps – or even a few minutes sooner. it’s done. “

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