Everything’s changed now. No going back. Sorry to tell you.

Everything’s changed now. No going back. Sorry to tell you.

You think a worldwide pandemic including countries that don’t know what a “Trump” is is all for election hoopla?

Everything’s different now. Deal with it.

Few alive remember the great depression. This is new to almost everybody living today.

US isn’t the only country doing this. We’re late.

Republicans haven’t stopped talking about communism since the 1950s. Red Scare it’s called. Still going on.

I’m a child of the 80s. Closest I came to that was “Don’t trust men with short hair”.

ie – if a man is too neat and clean, there’s selling you something. Beware.


I’m from NJ, USA. Everybody was running a scam. businsess folk, politicians, PTA, sports teams, religious leaders. Scammers come in all ages and shapes and sizes.

If it seems too good to be true, read the fine print. I got friends on the Progressive side ready to jump over to Trump because Mnuchen sorta listened to Yang with the $1000 thing.

But it’s not the same. It will have many strings attached and those who need it won’t get it, and in the end it’s just to buy votes.


I have smart people who think heat kills it. I’m in Florida. It’s hot and no, it’s not killing it.

when I hit 27 years old, little kids on the street called me Sir or Mister. Confused me at first but then I realized I “crossed over that line” in looks.

WHY were little kids talking to me randomly on the street?

It was “Sir, can you buy me cigarettes?”, “Mister, can you get me a six pack of beer?” as they hand out too little or too much money.

So yeah, you’re right about the Sir thing. No, I didn’t do it, but it didn’t stop them from asking.



Trump is responsible for sluggish response in the USA and not listening to the CDC when the first known cases were allowed into the USA. Played avoid and blame game instead of “buck stops here”
Glad he turned a corner finally. Doubtful about that “stimulus package” but that’s because Mnuchen who prefers a weak dollar. Glad for any help to flatten it out so that we can get through it in any case.
Governor Cuomo is leadership now. Model.
  I don’t think things will return to the same normal. Country changed after 9/11 even after things went back to normal. Same here.
  For things to return to normal, they’d vote Biden in. Consider that.

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