Everything is music.


Everything is music.

The squeak of a old door hinge.

The sound of your computer fan whirring.

All is auditory poetry.

There is music in all things. There is music in the things we cannot hear.

The spinning of the planets.

The spinning of the galaxies.

Even the start of the Universe is given a sound – the Big Bang,

The quantum tiny things that pop in and out of existence, perhaps going to and fro from a higher dimension from ours, or perhaps simply shy and resistant to being overly observed, have some of the most beautiful music.

People make music in their interactions and in their solitude.

But perhaps the greatest music of all is that of the living mind – the interconnections of all things that are known and have ever been known and will ever be known, somewhere existed, exists or will exist and lived, living or will live – in a *human mind*.

The firing of,neurons, the synapses crackling, the music we can’t yet catch on a machine – the whisp of a song you once heard playing continually on the iPod in your mind… the sound of laughter from one you love…

The ideas interconnected literally by long electrical connections encased in a goo that has a music of its own.

All things are music. All things generate frequencies and oscillations and have their own timing, their own rhythm, make their own chords and harmonics.

Take nothing for granted.

All of everything is absolutely amazing.

And everything.. and everyone… has a song.

It continually changes but it plays from your first heart beat to your last, and every moment inbetween.

You are music.

Be proud.


Share your song, whatever it may be, and you are changing the Universe, itself.

And perhaps, the mind and heart of another’s will become one with your own.

-Kenneth Udut, 5/20/13 12:44am

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