Everything comes from movement. I woke

^Everything comes from movement. I woke up this morning thinking this. So, when do things stop moving? Well, temperature is movement of things we know a lot about, like atoms (think of a microwave oven). So, when does temperature stop? Absolute Zero. Then I wondered this: Why can't they get below absolute Zero – because for a thing to have any existence AT ALL, something has to be moving to stay together and not fly apart. This is where my type of logic led me in my head. So I went to the Internet to see if someone did it.

And: BOOM: Jan 3 2013 They did it. Ultimate nature of things, coming up soon. Just wait 'til you see my books. Schneider and his colleagues are doing the hard work for me :-D

*Peaks and valleys
Schneider and his colleagues reached such sub-absolute-zero temperatures with an ultracold quantum gas made up of potassium atoms. Using lasers and magnetic fields, they kept the individual atoms in a lattice arrangement. At positive temperatures, the atoms repel, making the configuration stable. The team then quickly adjusted the magnetic fields, causing the atoms to attract rather than repel each other.

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