Everything comes from movem

Everything comes from movement. I woke up this morning thinking this. So, when do things stop moving? Well, temperature is movement of things we know a lot about, like atoms (think of a microwave oven). So, when does temperature stop? Absolute Zero. Then I wondered this: Why can’t they get below absolute Zero – because for a thing to have any existence AT ALL, _something_ has to be moving to stay together and not fly apart. This is where my type of logic led me in my head. So I went to the Internet to see if someone did it.

And: BOOM: Jan 3 2013 They did it. Ultimate nature of things, coming up soon. Just wait ’til you see my books. Schneider and his colleagues are doing the hard work for me :-D

*Peaks and valleys

Schneider and his colleagues reached such sub-absolute-zero temperatures with an ultracold quantum gas made up of potassium atoms. Using lasers and magnetic fields, they kept the individual atoms in a lattice arrangement. At positive temperatures, the atoms repel, making the configuration stable. The team then quickly adjusted the magnetic fields, causing the atoms to attract rather than repel each other. #This suddenly shifts the atoms from their most stable, lowest-energy state to the highest possible energy state, before they can react,# says Schneider. #It#s like walking through a valley, then instantly finding yourself on the mountain peak.#*

Yay. I haz new heroes!

Meet them. http://www.nature.com/news/quantum-gas-goes-below-absolute-zero-1.12146

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