everybody is a genius. They may not be recognized

So that is how everybody is a genius. They may not be recognized – they may not even recognize it themselves. Is this part of my belief system? Yes. Is it unsubstantiated? Well, I can’t test all 7 billion people. Are there exceptions? Possibly.

The thing is: There’s *really* no way to know if someone is a genius if their power or ability doesn’t come forth.

Example: Poor education. Someone could have the CAPABILITY of genius in a particular area but due to shoddy teaching methodologies, it never gets exercised. The capability never groomed, never given room to be expressed. Hence, wasted.

[and yes, I am equating genius to a commodity – but not necessarily a public commodity but a private one]

That’s why I’m so gung-ho about encouraging creativity. Natural tendencies *can* be encouraged to grow. They can also be stunted quickly and for the rest of a person’s life by a single word said at the wrong time.

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