Every generation has their “thing”. They all have an equal right to it.

I’m in agreement with you.
Trends are always moving. I’m 43. I was a “child of the 80s”. But I like understanding trends.

So while the Wild Thornberries was fine for the 90s, today we have the Amazing World of Gumball which is an amazing fantastic show that my 9 yr old ne introduced me to.

We’ve got Minecraft now. That’s a kickass GenZ “new thing” that never existed before.

But one day, Gumball and Minecraft will be history and something else will come along.

And people will say, “Things were much better when Amazing World of Gumball were on, and Minecraft was everything.”
And Whis Morita
The thing is: It’s not that the WORLD was better: It’s that you’re stuck in your era. It’s OK to be stuck in your era; but you can’t blame the world around you for changing.

Every generation has their “thing”. They all have an equal right to it.
The son of a friend of mine; he’s 12. He complains that “Things were much better when Spore was a thing”. Or, “The new Pokemon suck, Gen 3 was much better”.

He’s 12. He’s complaining about the way “things used to be”. He’s old. I’m younger than HIM. It doesn’t mean you have to follow every trend; my way isn’t “better”. Things were better _for you_ in that era because you were into stuff. Now you’re into other stuff.

Another example: The evolution of fandom.

I love how fandom has improved over the years. Of course it’s got its twisted sides; but younger generations have embraced and changed fandom to suit their needs. I think it’s a great thing that never existed before.

But I’m a fan of subculture in general. Any subculture that has the capability of bringing out the best in people is a good thing.

And thus ends my rant.

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