Every day is a brand new st

Every day is a brand new start. It has to be that way. Any other way leads to insomnia and chronic physical problems. Go to bed with an sad or angry heart and that’s what you wake up with with bad dreams inbetween. I’ve been there – that’s why I work so hard on fighting it. All battles are internal ones – fighting the demons inside. Situations come at you in life – but it’s how you react that helps define what and who you are – and what and who you appear to be (which are usually, alas, two different things). You will fail. You have failed. I know this because I have failed and will fail again. BUT – each of us will also SUCCEED – you and me and all that we know – and while failures are easy to measure and count, successes are messy and difficult because they are mixed with little failures and complexities – but they ARE still successes. You don’t have to forget the failures to celebrate the successes – but please, celebrate the successes, both of yourself and especially those of others. For celebrating the success of others really benefits you more than those you are celebrating – for it is you who will go to bed with a happy heart that is light and free of worry and sadness and anger. Forgiveness and celebration let you sleep deep and have happy dreams. It takes constant work on your part – for it is an internal battle you are fighting that nobody can see – but the results are concrete and real.

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