Ever since I was a kid

^Ever since I was a kid and interested in all these "what lies beneath everything" questions, the whole idea of "particles" seemed strange and absurd. I liked the idea of relativity – that our perspective interferes with results – or that we, as humans can't be fully objective as we can't see things from all perspectives… but not the idea that we "create reality" – as much fun as that may be. For ourselves, we create reality, sure. We can create it in others. But I think we INTERFERE with things that are really tiny when we measure them, making ripples in tiny tiny ponds because we are BIG and our instruments are BIG and the earth and sun are BIG and do things that get in the way of being super precise.

Well, FINALLY, ignored for most of the 20th century, in the 21st Century, the "it's all waves" is *finally* _just_ starting to come back into vogue a little. It's just in time too – because we can't engineer new things with mystical properties but we *can* engineer things that behave like water on a tiny tiny scale.

#quantum mystery – as much as many people love you – may eventually go away, and uncertainty will return to where it belongs : a condition in which we just don't have all the information – rather than some kind of fundamental property of the Universe itself…

I expect some ppl might not like it – but I believe its inevitable. Even if its not PERFECT – for us to engineer quantum computers we *need* to shake off the mystique and start learning how to read _waves_ and get rid of this particle idea crud. I mean, "fuzzy"? Fuzzy and clouds are the current way of describing quantum things? Seriously? Just get back to waves. Maxwell was right 150 years ago. We went down a productive rabbit trail that gave us fantastic inspiration – but there's stuff to be built to improve future. We had the answer all along and if we have to dismantle a lot of textbooks to make the corrections so be it.

Mind you, text books still teach the tongue has a map, the "brown eyed parents with brown eyed parents CANNOT have blue eyed children" crap which we KNOW isn't true… and even that LIGHT BENDS when you put a pencil in water. LIGHT DOESN'T BEND yet they keep teaching this crud.

Enough with the confusion. ugh, lemme get off my soapbox. There. I took a stand.

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