even though I’m generally a pluralist (is that the right word) at heart.

I’m a “data nut” and I love unique views of large amounts of complicated information so whether or not I might agree with implications of a particular view of data, nevertheless it always catches my full attention.


at a quick glance, I do already. Even though I’m politically independent yet lean very strongly towards the idealism of the White Liberal Areas, I grew up in New Jersey and learned to deal with the reality of living with a mixture of populations and found most of it was no big deal while *also* recognizing why people tend to congregate in their own “groupings” as well.

We had an apartment building in town that was mostly East Indian. They made it their own and that was fine. Yet, we also had other people that work to “do the American dream” thing and assimilate with the general culture.

So, i don’t hate ideas that point towards a “keep like with like” concept, as people do it anyway [evidenced by the white liberal sections of your map] even though I’m generally a pluralist (is that the right word) at heart.

Diff strokes for diff folks. I’ll check out your site. To me, it seems to be a more thorough view of alt.history from a unique perspective yet isn’t full of hyperbole.

[i can’t stand hyperbole to “make a point”. You’re just presenting ideas and facts from your perspective. Seems reasonable for one to do so and your approach is civil]


Well, they *are* hate facts as they are facts that can also be used for someone to pursue a hate agenda -

There’s no denial that there is such a thing as hate fueled rhetoric from every side of the political spectrum. To even DECLARE an “ideology” of some kind automatically means “You prefer like-with-like” even if your ideology group says they don’t.


Ah – well then Sean gets my credit then. Even if I don’t agree with an article, I like when its well written. It had some very strong points though that I do agree with though. It’s why I take well written articles over lopsided hyperbole: there’s always some takeaway points of agreement even if the end is disagreement with the conclusions.==


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