Even *if* the Universe was deterministic, it’s impossible to prove it.

But a script is a metaphor for determinism. Scripts are written by people. They have a start, a beginning, many acts, and an end.

Scripts are a metaphor for programming code.

But like actors on a stage, the actual RUNNING of the program is dependent upon FAR MORE factors than we can POSSIBLY conceive of in a script.

Think about computers. They’re state machines. You turn them on, they’re at a state.

If you turn two computers on simultaneously, they’re at two different states.

Even if you start them up at the SAME time, it’s for all practicality – IMPOSSIBLE for two computers to be in the exact same state. Different bits in memory. Different locations on the hard drive. Different lcd pixels glowing slightly differently. Different registry entries. Different software. Different humans running them.

It’s one of the reasons why Bugs are sometimes IMPOSSIBLE to track down. Someone can have a unique problem that only affects a single computer out of millions.

Even *if* the Universe was deterministic, it’s impossible to prove it.

The definition of Free Will may require continual refinement, but to get it to the point of 0=does-not-exist is not possible. That requires faith that something else has replaced the concept entirely.

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