escaping escapism? non-fiction isn’t the answer. it’s still escapism.

Yes, my experience with was over the day I left 9-5 (8-4) and moved to Florida. July 2001.  So 13.5 years of no audible dot com.  I’m actually impressed they’ve lasted and I’m glad they have significant competition of better quality.

I’ve had a number of occasions in life that I’ve said to self,

I’ll always be consuming something

Oddest realization is when I decided to only allow myself to consume Science.  It was, perhaps a 5-7 year straight period of time of zero-fiction-read, nearly zero-fiction-TV.. with my doctor who as the sole exception…

..until I said to self, “CRAP! when I saw the fictions within this non-fictions.

Now, a year and a half -of Wikipedia, ,attempting all of the academics… from psy to sci to cog to phil to math to log… and finding all the fictions there too… and so.. yeah…

Apparently, like you, I am a voracious reader a variety of fiction.

No matter how much I try to escape escapism… I’m still escaping :P

Hence, in many ways, there’s more truths in fictions, for at least the fictions are being more honest :P

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