er stuff out (dolls, her g…”

The black grandfather was a ‘seque” character- he tied together two different parts of the dream. Before this scene, I had wandered out of the second restaurant because I suddenly remember I parked the car FAR away from the restaurant and i had to find it (down all these crazy streets to a parking garage) because it was getting dark and I had to get back. On my way down these crazy, lonely stree…ts, I noticed a bright red carryon suitcase that I lost 3 years prior in the dream. Black grandmother come out, calls down her granddaughter, “Nellie! Get your ** down here right now” – she comes out. I said “My email address is on the bag – you didn’t send it?” “yeah, i did.” flat sounding. Then I noticed one of the letters had rubbed off in the rain, which is why the email never got to me. She reluctantly helped me take her stuff out (dolls, her g… “

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