er forms of love are dange…

broader forms of love are far easier to handle. caring, compassion, learning to trust trust, empathy, sympathy, cheering someone on, understanding. But the higher forms of love take you on the best and worst roller coaster ride that usually screams off the tracks and crashes, manipulate your emotions more than a Sarah Mclaughlin “save the dogs” commercial, mix you up more than Jeff Goldblum’s c…haracter in The Fly, drive you crazier than a crackhead without his fix, lifts you up higher than Mt Everest and drops you down even further still., embarasses you more than showing up to school in your underwear or forgetting your lines in the school play, bullies you more, squishes you more than a lump of coal turning into a diamond, makes you stickier than pine sap, ickier than touching a slug. As great as it can be, higher forms of love are dange… “

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