epistemology is woo.

epistemology is woo.

“skepticism about different knowledge claims” is within the purview of epistemology.


It lacks foundation. At least ontology is self-aware of its arbitrary nature. It’s pragmatic. Episetemology is akin to trying to figure out intent in a court case. Woo.


I can work with % of certainty. But belief/lack of belief? What even *is* that?


I’m not looking to convince. I am making a statement, an assertion, a stance.

Your opinion of my mental state or relative quality / aesthetic is yours to have as you will.
The social tussle is a strange practice.

A concept is a theory of a category. An ontology is a hierarchy/catalog of concepts.

You have yours that work for you. It has its own rules which interact with itself, with some words set aside as magical movers within your ontology.

I also have an ontology, which may use similar or the same words as yours but carry different concepts as my theories of these categories may or may not overlap with yours.

If you are a part of a social group which shares an ontology, it allows you to have social functions, which is marvelous for your group.


What you’ve engaged in amounts to gossip.


Their prescriptive function applies to members of your group from within which all within and without are judged:


If it’s your hobby, I won’t fault that.




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