epicurian/monasteries – yeah I could do it. Retirement/life-falls-apart plan

I spent 3 weeks in a Russian Orthodox monastery in my mid 20s. Loved it. Knew I could do it. Left the religion itself, but I set it up as my retirement plan or, “oh shit life is falling apart and i have NOBODY to turn to!” plan.

I’d have to lose a mortgage, everybody I love, and a whole lot of catastrophic, many unthinkable things would have to occur.

But, it’s my backup plan.

I only learned a few months back that all monasteries were based on this Epicurus philosophy. So, pretty much any of them, any religion or not, doesn’t matter – would work for me. It’s the kind of attitude I like – and I don’t mind praying for my supper/bed/friends. I’d put my 100% into it, since it’s all analogies to me anyway; words representing concepts and such. I can find an analogy I believe in with _anything_ I’d be saying, as long as the system is put together with the best of intentions

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