entp all this time?

Might have to retake it. I had trouble answering a few of them so I went to 0 with them.

At the moment I’m 2R / 11M

But I suspect that’ll shift if I retake it and stop overthinking it. Wait.. overthinking it? Maybe that’s just normal for me, so it’s probably right. I trust my gut but then I double-check it with reason.

“2R Somewhat intellectual; you rely on reason and distrust feelings
and experiences.

11M somewhat materialist. Materials realities are prior to ane xplain
spiritual ones.

Rationalist: Universe operates according to causal, logical laws

ENTP? Fascinating. I always scored ABOUT 50/50 on the E/I scale and about 50/50 on the T/F scale.

I put myself as INFP or INF/TP a lot. But never thought I’d show up as a straight on ENTP. But it makes sense.

I was moody and more spiritual at 24 years old when I took the MBTI.
But now I’m 48 years old and still moody but more self-aware.


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