Enough words, however, and you can “paint” a good enough picture with those words to effectively convey with great accuracy your experience enough to the point that I can taste your pizza. I believe firmly that all humans have synesthesia which is why this is possible.

You need to expand your description. Use more words.

Everybody’s skillsets are different in this regard, both in the giving of description and the comprehension of it.

I taste my food very thoroughly. I enjoy noticing the peaks and valleys, the nuances of flavor. I look at a dish, and I generally know what it will taste like, assuming I can identify enough ingredients visually, and it happens in a ‘flash’. I can be fooled of course. Illusions are possible anywhere.

But as far as 3 distinctly differently tasting pizzas, you just need a few more words.

Example: A sauce can have a slightly burnt taste, with a slight smokiness reminiscent of thick-cut bacon that has been cooking in an oven for a few minutes too long.

I’m not a foodie (I think that’s what they’re called – awful term) – but I easily could be, as I love the nuances of food. I just keep the information to myself, for my own enjoyment.

but if I had your pizzas, I could describe them in enough detail that _eventually_ you could be able to taste it, assuming you had the prerequisite experiences to make the connections.

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