Enlightenment. The moment you can say “I’m ok”.

I think of enlightenment as a cranky 3rd grade boy who comes home school one day after being told he wasn’t trying hard enough to draw an owl “correctly”, getting punched in the stomach by his best friend in the playground, and getting made fun of by a small pack of mean girls for a blue vein on his face, throwing his books down on the couch and going, “School sucks, people suck, life sucks, everybody lies, nobody believes me and I’m going to watch cartoons now after I take a dump and get me a Lunchable Mom! I’m ok, I’m just hungry.”
I overheard that last year from my ne. That was his major childhood/adulthood split moment and he told me about his day later on. He even said the word “correctly” in proper sarcastic form; golden adoration of authority figures gone for a lifetime with a single owl.

To me? That’s the face of enlightenment…

PS – the moment of enlightenment? When he said, “I’m ok,”

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