English is weird. Or maybe it’s me. “she’s hot”

English is weird. Or maybe it’s me.“she’s hot”
If a man says “she’s hot” about a women, I look for beads of sweat on her forehead, flushness in the face and other signs of overheating.I’m not a doctor but that is my first instinct.


“Why is sexual attraction the only way most men can appreciate or admire women?”

I never understood that. I do not understand why people are highlighted solely for their physical attributes.

Someone is fat. Someone is hot. Someone is ugly. Someone is beautiful. Someone is cute. This applies to men and women alike and I do not understand it.

I hear someone talk like that I’m like, “Ok, and… what else?”

Because that doesn’t stand alone fo rme.

Now for me, if someone says, “so and so is awesome!” – well I can let that stand alone. I don’t need to know why or how, but just that they are.

If you’re going to categorize a human being into one singular “something”, a subjective objectification based upon physical attributes is illogical to me.


I am as baffled as you. From my point of view, a woman saying, “he’s cute” and a man saying “she’s hot” means the same thing.

So, I’m not a good source for insider’s view.



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