engineers, yup. I’m pretty close to the stereotype in some ways although not others.

My whole life I’ve had to fight tendencies in that direction. I once had a job doing programming for a Waste Management company; I think they figured out what to do with local toxic waste; not sure. I remember there was tracking of the remnants of oil refineries and food production in the area but this is back in ’93 or so.

Anyhow, I made friends with some of the Engineers – and yes, I noticed Aspergers/High-functioning Autistic tendancies among them.

I remember my grandmother had worked at Exxon and being excited, having all of these romantic notions of being around educated Scientists and Engineers and the fascinating discussions they might have… only to find out that Engineers can be a little “off” socially. Brilliance with shoes untied, zippers not pulled up and messy hair. In short, REALLY intelligent 4th graders.

A stereotype? Sure. Is there *some* truth in it just the same? Yup.

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