engineering vs science, pragmatism true versus Truth


  • Watch “Rorty on Truth” on YouTube
    Rorty on Truth:
  • Kenneth Udut Linc Cholke Thoroughly enjoyed Rorty on Truth. Short and sweet and to the point. I love his bold “calling out” of pragmatists. I tend towards pragmatism as a general “good way to be” but not as a Truth measure. It’s practical because it’s practical. It’s true insofar as it works, but being true doesn’t necessarily make it Truth, as it were. He’s a joy.
  • Kenneth Udut Linc Cholke I analogize it to the difference between the Engineering Method and the Scientific Method, often confused by people. An Engineer can happily build a bridge using methods that work, without requiring a Universally true theory that explains it. Or the difference between Biology and Physics. In Biology, they know they’re doing their best as they go along and fully expect contradiction and messiness and singularities galore. In Physics, they expect to eliminate contradiction, messiness and singularities, etc. That’s how I see it anyway. YMMV.


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