emotional manipulation in internet debate is dark side.

But to be honest, I do not support the use of anger, belittling, bullying and hyperbole for the purposes of convincing another person about something, whether or not one has internal equanimity.

To me, that is Dark Side. So if you occasionally see me being argumentative in this regard, this is why. I don’t have any trouble with the game-playing, but I prefer when the cat eventually lets the mouse go and not continue the tease. Or, in some cases I’ve seen in internet debate, some are not satisfied until they’ve devoured the mouse partially, left it a bloody living mess and the mouse runs off to painfully lick its torn skin, shattered bones and eventually runs off to a corner to die.

I’ve never been a fan of excessive cat-and-mouse games among humans, honestly. We’re not cats. We’re not mice. We’re humans.

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