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Exactly! I wouldn’t want to impose too many rules, because that would lessen the freedoms. i believe part of the freedom, which goes along with the learning and the laughing, the loving and living is acceptance of a little craziness, goofiness, silliness. It would have to be a taunt-free environment – no teasing or taunting – there would definitely be some rules of “acceptable behavior” – a no…n-judgemental environment would be key. What’s great is that religions have done a lot of the hard work for us in codifying human behaviors: Seven deadly sins takes care of some of them (looked ‘em up) Lust, Gluttony,Greed, Sloth, Acedia (looked this one up: ” apathetic listlessness; depression without joy”, Wrath, Envy, Pride, Vainglory. Gossip and slander would be a no-no.They’d have to have some kind of rehabilitation system in place to correct the… “

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