#eid I like the fact that

#eid I like the fact that Muslim holidays are set by actual sightings of the #moon It’s a constant reminder that our #calendar calculations are still not perfect – that all of our clocks are always wrong and our calendars are always wrong.

it’s nice to know that a large part of the human population is still recognizing ”actual” versus ”predicted”.

We trust so much in ”almosts” – it’s nice to see ”actuals”. – plus the fact that the process requires HUMAN involvement and agreement for it to be true; about as scientific of an observation as one is going to get.

No surprise though: the Muslim world were always the leaders in Science and Mathematics, especially back when the Western World was Jousting and drinking Meade and fighting the Black Plague and stuff (they didn’t have a ”fall of the Roman Empire” like the West did, so they kept growing technologically)

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