Florida’s an abstin ence-only education state. 7 th gr n ep hew was actually looking forward to se x ed class, so he’d have something to make fun of.

What happened?

It was ONE class, on the LAST day of sc hool, which was a 1/2 day, and the book they used was a shit text on abstin ence-only.

He found _something_ in it to make fun of (bold txt that says “se x is good” (when in the confines of marriage).

It rained that night and he threw it out in the rain laughing hysterically as weird 7t h  grade rs do. (ok, he’s a w eird ki d)

I told him he got ripped off, explained how politics affects curriculum and that Fl orida’s basically a Christi  an state, even though it’s supposed to be for everybody. He said, “I didn’t think it was before but you’re right, it really is”.

He’ll be alright but I feel bad for the millions of kids that will get ripped off on their educa tions.

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