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  Last Update: 1/28/92
   As the title suggests, this list is on the discussion of the rights
   of kids and teenagers (called Y-Rights for "Youth Rights", or
   "Youngster's Rights" or "Why Rights?" -- whichever strikes your
   fancy).  It's a very open list, and everyone is welcome to participate
   on it, whether you are a teacher, a professional, a student, or a kid
   or teenager yourself.
   What do I mean when I say "Children's Rights"?  Well, I don't
   necessarily mean the rights for adults to "protect" children, because
   that "right" seems to be misused and misguided to ends that are,
   oftentimes, tragic, even with the 'best' intentions.  That, of
   course, is open for discussion on this list, and I'm certain that it
   will come up at some point.
   In my ever changing view of rights for those under the `age of
   majority' (which is 18 or 21 in the United States, depending on how
   you view it, and different in other countries), I am looking more for
   changes in our judicial system, educational system, and our society,
   as a whole, to view youth as Human Beings first and foremost, before
   concerning themselves with the `correct manners to treat, mold and
   shape a child', as if s/he is just a ball of clay, and not a human



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