education tied to development stages

I think education should be tied to developmental stages rather than ages or even academic progress.

3rd grade is my favorite example; that’s approximately the age where “being social” starts to be *everything*; kids become chatterboxes, and all of the boys vs girls, teasing (the “you’re gay / don’t be such a girl” stuff starts there) – bullying, all of it seems to “stick” in a memorable way. Macklemore’s first line, “In the 3rd grade, I thought I was gay…” and South Park starting its stuff (exaggerated as it is) in 3rd (then 4th) grade, is surprisingly accurate – not to its extreme that it goes, but socially not so far off)

yet, where’s the recognition of that in school setting? “Sit still, face forward and listen” is hard at any age; complaints of “school sucks” is something we assume is “just a part of how it is” but I honestly believe it doesn’t have to be.

Yes, I think there needs to be basics; but I think there are better conduits for learning.

Example: Kids get obsessed with things. Pokemon, Minecraft, or in our day, maybe Baseball cards, or Science shows (yeah I liked Science shows ) – so, why not use the obsession as a conduit for learning the subject matter?

I mentioned it in another message but I’ll repeat ’cause I like hearing myself type: Imagine a student having trouble with standard curriculum or is complaining or seems frustrated in some way. Now imagine that student being taken aside privately and a teacher finds out what they’re obsessed with.

Then, the teacher works with the student to help them design a curriculum containing *all* of the necessary subject matter BUT from the perspective of their obsession? And then, they help teach it.

Then they can learn all of the math/science/english/etc THROUGH the Lens they ALREADY enjoy seeing the world through; and by teaching it to fellow students, they accomplish several goals simultaneously.

For, what is the difference is Times Tables is learned through an Excel Chart, or via counting up power levels in Pokemon? None. The same skills are used; but the context is user-friendly and engaging.

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