education should have a multifaceted view of history.

What I would prefer for an education system – anywhere in the world – would be a view of history that was balanced; show several different perspectives of history, without the usual sarcasm of history against those they don’t care for.

You see this in science a lot; “We sure were stupid back then when we believed in a Cartesean Coordinate System with Newton, but we’re so darned smart now”.  Well, fact is, a regular x, y, z, Time system is what we use for things most of the time; Einstein is for special occasions; yet glowing awe on Einstein (who I happen to adore myself) but Newton is seen as stodgy and old-fashioned; when in fact, he pretty revolutionized everything… but science education is enamored by revisions of past achievements without giving the credit these earlier ideas deserve; We got to the moon using Newton, not Einstein; yet it’s blasphemy to say anything negative about him :P)

I can’t speak for the other issues you mention, but it’s related; I see no reason that multiple worldviews can’t be taught simultaneously; Learn one way of viewing the world while learning another and another; History is multifaceted and fascinating; when it is restricted to one viewpoint – or worse, just a series of dates, you get people like me who “hated history” until many years after school was done and I realized, “woah, history was actually kinda cool – it’s WAY more than what I learned in school”

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