Edison: He might have stuck his sticker on it, but he *did* provide the tools/equipment/space to allow the other inventors to work under him.

He was, true, but yet, whose name do we remember? Edison. He did something right. Late 20th/early 21st century sensibilities are anti-corporate mindset, but at the time he did what he did, it was quite brilliant. Also, if it _wasn’t_ for Edison… we wouldn’t have all of those products. He might have stuck his sticker on it, but he *did* provide the tools/equipment/space to allow the other inventors to work under him.

They might have otherwise been tinkering at home, getting no place and all of those inventions never would’ve come to light. But his connections and ability to bring them together under a common roof, _does_ deserve some significant credit, even to show up on a picture such as this.


and *actually* _Newton_ should be the Jesus in this picture. Einstein may have tweaked some of his theories in a significant way, but the bulk of physics?

NEWTON. He’s still the king. Einstein is just more popular ’cause he knew how to talk to the press. Cooler face for Science. Newton is considered a dweeb. But his dweebery gave us 90% of physics if not more that we still use in the 21st century.

Well, the battle wasn’t between Tesla and Edison, it was between Westinghouse and Edison.

Blame Westinghouse for not making full use of Tesla.

Edison was already quite clear about his feelings about A/C when Tesla was working on it.

Edison’s competition at the time he fired Tesla was Brush Electric Illuminating Company and the Thomson-Houston Electric Company.

Westinghouse snapped up Tesla and his patents for a very short time.

Then Westinghouse became the ‘big cheese’ and Edison fought against them.

But Edison was _never_ into A/C. Tesla had other opportunities in A/C. But Edison *did* regret later on not listening to Tesla, who wanted Edison to abandon D/C and switch to Electric.

Tesla lacked business sense He was like a Microsoft devotee working for Apple. Worked on the wrong stuff. Couldn’t found his own company and he didn’t get anyone to take him under their wing.

It’s a sad case but really he needed major people skills that he didn’t have, and without a corporate backer – and he HAD PLENTY he could have worked for… he was doomed to end up as he was.


Edison *really* wanted A/C to fail. He had lots of reasons, none of them had to do with Tesla.

The thing is, Edison wasn’t wrong. Batteries _would’ve_ been a safer product for the world to run off of. But people want raw power and raw power was to be found in the A/C dept, not safe DC. People didn’t want safe and portable. They wanted raw power.

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