ed other couples go throug…

well one thing i notice most men get totally WRONG (I’ve had to coach a few on this point): If a woman says “You never buy me flowers”, BUY THE FREAKIN’ FLOWERS. What I’ve heard other guys say is, “It has to be from my heart, otherwise it doesn’t mean anything. I’m not doing it just because she TOLD me to.” BUZZ – wrong. I’ve seen more arguments based around this than anything. Guys: Get the flo…wers, listen to “you only got them ’cause I told you to”, say “I’m sorry for being so thoughtless”, hear, “You should be sorry!” – and then: SUCCESS! But most guys WON’T get the flowers, and will wonder, “How come she spends all her time with her mother instead of me?” – ba-ba-bingo – ’cause ya didn’t listen to the obvious – she wants flowers, you get flowers. I didn’t realize this ’til long after I stopped dating and watched other couples go throug… “

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