Ecumenical Patriarchate

Oh, this is big news.

Since 1686, the Patriarch of Moscow (Russia) has had authority over the Metropolitan of Kyiv (Ukraine).

Now, 2018, the honorary primacy for the canonical Orthodox Churches has declared this was an error that is being corrected now.

This means: Ukrainian Orthodox Church stands with equal footing to Russia, adding one to this list:

Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople
Patriarchate of Alexandria
Patriarchate of Antioch
Patriarchate of Jerusalem
Patriarchate of Moscow
Patriarchate of Serbia
Patriarchate of Romania
Patriarchate of Bulgaria
Patriarchate of Georgia
Church of Cyprus
Church of Greece
Church of Poland
Church of Albania
Church of the Czech Lands and Slovakia

Russia is unhappy.

“To revoke the legal binding of the Synodal Letter of the year 1686, issued for the circumstances of that time, which granted the right through oikonomia to the Patriarch of Moscow to ordain the Metropolitan of Kyiv, elected by the Clergy-Laity Assembly of his eparchy, who would commemorate the Ecumenical Patriarch as the First hierarch at any celebration, proclaiming and affirming his canonical dependence to the Mother Church of Constantinople.”
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