Easy self-analysis through the movies!

We’re on similar themes at present. I’ve been writing a lot about movies and their influences on my conceptualization of reality.

Recent ‘ding’ moment:

a) 31st anniversary of The Breakfast Club b) I come clean about my opinions of various John Hughes movies. c) A friend comments her love of Bill Murray, Rick Morantis and John Candy d) I mention STRIPES! as favorite in her shifted category and not to leave out Rick Morantis, “Little Giants” was my favorite of his, the “grown-up Nerd who has to prove his worth to his brother” which was a version of “The Bad News Bears” – but it had a beer drinking rat trapper (Walter Matthau – another favorite actor of mine).

Then my ‘ding moment':

I’m not a Team Player. Stripes, Bad News Bears and Little Giants all showed teams (military, baseball, football) as absurd and ridiculous things, which is exactly how I view teams.

On top of it all, I own an animal trapping company. My brother *is* Walter Matthau in Bad News Bears (that is, if he wasn’t married w/children) and I am a variant of Rick Morantis.

Self-analysis through movies. It’s not as broad (or deep) a thing as you’re doing, which sounds revolutionary, but not bad for a few minutes of typing


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