Each culture has different safe expressions too

Each culture has different safe expressions too. My mother was married to an Egyptian muslim long ago (early/mid 80s).

She got to go to Egypt for a month for a honeymoon, and Egypt was still pretty standard “Middle eastern europe” as it were as it’s before any fundy weirdo stuff.

Anyway, while she was there, her husband told her, “Oh, those men holding hands? That doesn’t mean they’re gay. That’s just what men do here.”

In the USA if two men do that, or any boys over the age of 8 do it, they get ostracized by peers and adults alike… mostly adults (who are always telling kids what not to do).

So, to me that’d be one example of a culturally sanctioned expression of the “other side” of sexuality. It’s little to do with “the sex act” but rather with everything else about human companionship.


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