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There is an unkind phrase I think of when someone is being uncooperative or doing things in an odd way. “Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity” – that’s part of my new heuristic (I believe you can change your “common sense”). People have different motives, different incentives. Common examples: Savers vs Spenders. Renters vs Owners. “Me” oriented vs gr…oup oriented. Greed vs alturism. Each has a different “common sense”. I see it in small business all of the time. One may think, “Get the extra $50 from the customer now”. Another will think, “Give the lower price so we get more referrals later.” For each it is THEIR common sense – it is rarely spoken aloud, and it’s confusing when you think one way, and another thinks in an entirely different way, because they are coming at the issue from a completely … “

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