e idea that the feds alway…

The naysayer may be correct in the limited methods he mentioned. But he’s wrong about how government agencies prints their stuff. SOME stuff goes to the printers. SOME stuff is laser printed. And for those points, he may be right. And SOME may up the 12 point garamond font to something more legible, making the savings moot. BUT there is a lot of interoffice printing done on regular consumer …inkjets. Departments DO have to go to regular stores to buy things sometimes; not *everything* is done on laser; working in big offices I remember that while you had the office Laser for many things, there were plenty of Inkjets around whose budgets would come out of Petty Cash funds rather than a line item; and the people with the inkjets would go to Staples/Officemax/whatever; not always getting “special government rates”. (the idea that the feds alway… “

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